Hello everyone,

There is a new article in Nature that has been shared around on plenty of other Science sites. I wanted to approach this experiment and the explanation from a different way.


For those of you who haven’t read any of my past post/articles, I am not a huge “believer” in quantum anything. Not that there isn’t a measurable small scale, but I am speaking in terms of the true definition. I am actually not a huge fan of particle physics either. I tend to fall on the wave side. I think if we study the wave we would be able to explain alot of these “spooky” actions and “mystery” measurements without having to go crazy on new theory and new math to fit our observations. Especially since observations and measurements can be limited to the device(our senses,meters,brain,etc…) which we are using to measure.

So to the article…

“This form of imaging uses pairs of photons, twins that are ‘entangled’ in such a way that the quantum state of one is inextricably linked to the other. While one photon has the potential to travel through the subject of a photo and then be lost, the other goes to a detector but nonetheless ‘knows’ about its twin’s life and can be used to build up an image.”


This is in the first paragraph and pretty much sums up what they are doing. If we looked at it from a wave point of view, and that matter is made up of motion, then there would have to be constant movement in regards to anything that has matter. If there is an item being photographed or even just sitting there, there has to be interactions between all of the waves coming from the item itself, the people watching, the measuring devices etc… Could this still not be constructive and deconstructive WAVE interference? Rather than quantum craziness?

What if a photon is not a particle but rather a type of wave in a part of the wave cycle that resembles what they are able to measure?

Ok now let’s talk about the “entangled” part.

“Zeilinger and his colleagues based the technique on an idea first outlined in 1991, in which there are two paths down which a photon can travel. Each contains a crystal that turns the particle into a pair of entangled photons, . But only one path contains the object to be imaged.”

Huh? So sending light through a crystal entangles the photons?

“According to the laws of quantum physics, if no one detects which path a photon took, the particle effectively has taken both routes, and a photon pair is created in each path at once, says Gabriela Barreto Lemos, a physicist at Austrian Academy of Sciences and a co-author on the latest paper.”



Huh again? Whatever happened to Occam’s Razor? {It states that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Other, more complicated solutions may ultimately prove correct, but—in the absence of certainty—the fewer assumptions that are made, the better.}

Anyways… let’s continue.

“In the first path, one photon in the pair passes through the object to be imaged, and the other does not. The photon that passed through the object is then recombined with its other ‘possible self’ — which travelled down the second path and not through the object — and is thrown away. The remaining photon from the second path is also reunited with itself from the first path and directed towards a camera, where it is used to build the image, despite having never interacted with the object.”


“The researchers imaged a cut-out of a cat, a few millimetres wide, as well as other shapes etched into silicon. The team probed the cat cut-out using a wavelength of light which they knew could not be detected by their camera. “That’s important, it’s the proof that it’s working,” says Zeilinger.”

This is my favorite part. Because they are not using visible light, it is PROOF!

OR… maybe it is just the interactions of waves through the wave cycle. For example, let’s look at an echo in a canyon. An echo leaves the source as a sound wave and is expanding out. If left alone this expanding wave will dissapate to silence once all energy(electrical potential) has been used. This is one half of the wave cycle, the expanding centrifugal death cycle. The other half is the compressing centripetal life cycle. This is manifested when the epxanding wave interacts with another object(also a bundle of waves). This object, depending on potential, volume, etc…will echo this initial wave back allowing for the sound you hear. So how was it that this can happen? As mentioned earlier, all matter is motion and all motion is made of waves. So all matter has moving waves and wave fields. The waves coming off each will interact and change the cycle of the 2. Just like Science talks about constructive interference when 2 waves create a stronger one. The interaction of the 2 expanding dying waves create lenses. These lenses compress and focus the other waves and cause them to change and then increase in potential. Hence it was like a new wave came about from the wall of the canyon.



That is my take, and to me, a much simpler one.

EDIT: I’d like to also add another example using the Sun and its rays that I have used before.

The light waves from the sun expand toward earth cooling. As the wave field interacts with earth’s wavefield interference is created and through convex lenses the waves are compressed and heated. Hence why the rays are hot after traveling through all that cold.

Last quote from the article says:

“Barreto Lemos says, in the latest experiment, as long as there is nothing to say which path the photon took, one of the photons in the pair that is subsequently created has both gone and not gone through the object”

Both gone and not gone?


In my opinion, the reason we are still using these methods and way of describing the Universe, is because we are able to get some measurable results. I’m not saying this type of imaging doesn’t work or that the computer I am typing on is not because of so called quantum mechanics. I am saying all of this spooky action, and virtual particles, and doing something and nothing at the same time, can be explained in an easier fashion. That once people open up to other wave theories, we can start sounding like Science again and not Science Fiction.


Much love as always… thanks for reading.