I’ve been thinking about Astrology and why certain planets in certain places could affect me in any way on the day I was born.  At first glance it seems hard to believe that it should at all.

Well what if we looked at it like the chemical elements?  I believe that matter and the elements are made of the same substance, light.  Every aspect of this substance that defines it like, color, density, spin, etc… all depend on where it is in its cycle.  The cycle position is everything.

Is this substance built of light units and waves which are long slow and nebulous based on the beginning of the cycle or is it smaller more dense and fast, closer to the balance point of maturity?  Each position or “location” of the cycle can be different.  Different pressure zones, different rotational speed, different revolution speed, different size, and more.  Like music, it can depend on which octave you are in and how close to the keynote or overtone. For example… each chemical element has different properties or different color or different size.  This all depends on where it is located in its cycle or which pressure zone and octave it resides.

This is why transmutation is possible, because you just need to move any one element to another location and watch as it changes to the state necessary for balance in that spot.  You can see this today in many decay cycles and watch how certain radioactive elements(located in the “dying” cycle)  decay to their keynote inert gas or how other elements decay to octaves below them.  But that’s a whole other story…:)
(image below is helpful but not complete)


If you look at the planets(just like elements) you will find that the closer to the Sun, the more revolution and minimum rotation.  This has the properties of a more dense and small planet.  The farther out you go, the larger more nebulous properties exist, with more rotation and minimum revolution.  This is because centrifugal force is maximum and the fast rotation is tearing it apart, so to speak.  It is in its death cycle on the way back from which it came in the stillness of equilibrium. (universal ratio chart showing locked potentials and “orbits”)


I also wanted to touch on the thought that we could be affected by something so far away.  Or something that seems so unreasonable if we approach this as everything being separate.  Well that is not the case.  Everything in the Universe is connected.  I know that is a common theme in the New Age circles… but it is true.  You can see it scientifically in the works of Einstein, Schrodinger, Clifford, just to name a few.  So what does that mean?  If everything is related or connected to everything else, then everything that happens or anything that we do, happens everywhere else to everything else.  The movement of my little finger causes planets and the rest of the universe to move and balance.  There has to be some sort of equilibrium in pressure and motion for everything to be the way it is(my thoughts.)  Everything is moving because it is constantly becoming balanced and then off balance and then balanced because of everything else around it.

So as we come back to thinking about the moment we were born back into this physical reality.  Just think of these planet alignments, astrological movements, and proprieties as describing the certain position, pressure, description, and more… of what helps make us who we are.

This doesn’t mean we have to completely conform to this box of description.  It just means we are affected on the physical level and how we are made up in this physical world.  We still have our true selves, Soul, or being, which are free of motion, time, and description.  Much love to you!


I wanted to add to this….  we can also look at our personality types and groupings per Astrological signs.

So we have these traits, tendencies, or filters that help us in this reality.  They are not our true selves and they don’t always completely match up to who we are, but they definitely help us see what influences us.  If we still take the chemical elements analogy, then there are different elements but also different groups of similar elements.  So you could say there are gases, metals, non-metals, etc… and within each group you have the divided elements.  Well that could be the same thing as saying I am Sagittarius or Aries or Capricorn.  Lots of parallels we can work with to understand why Astrology can be important.  Thanks!