Hi everyone!  It has been a while.  I wanted to say hello and update you on things that have changed around here.

No more Light Coalition.  It felt like old energy and I was ready to purge it.  I am still writing and researching and putting in time for this type of work, just focused more on myself than sharing so much with everyone else.  I want this page to be everything I want to write about.  It used to be focused on the Science end of things, but I’d like to have everything in just one place now.  So philosophy, musings, whatever.

I still have the YT page and I will share blog posts here and on twitter.

I’ve even had a shift in thinking with regards to my book.  The book has been finished for a while now but I just didn’t feel like it was ready to be released.  So, I sat on it.  Now… I’ve been revisiting and want to tweak some of the content.

I want it to not be so esoteric and I think I’ll even change the name away from The Optical Universe.  The confusion that can be caused between Light and light, is just too much and does the opposite of my intent.  I am thinking of editing it to something more like:
The Universe of Mind.
The Mind Universe.
Understanding the Source.
The Mind-Electric Connection.
The Universal Mind.
Stillness and the Connected Universe.
Stillness and the Source of All Things.

Please stay tuned and as always… MUCH LOVE!  Chris