I am back to studying the cosmic clock and how it can help explain how the locked potential steps happen and the life cycle of the chemical elements. I am also working on identifying what male and female sexed/polarized pairs are(in definition).

So let’s start with male and female. There is a change that happened in Atomic Suicide from all of the earlier Russell books. The female changed from being magnetic and centrifugal to being compressing and in the centripetal direction as the male is.

I think if we disconnect the vortex motions from the actual polarized pair, then this should help in explaining. If the vortices are just by-products of wave interference and lenses… then they are not really anything except after-effects based on the other things that happen. Right? So then they would not need to be labeled male or female etc… Just centripetal or centrifugal vortices or direction. Then we can tackle the male and female which are involved in every step. Everything being both male and female just one or the other in predominance. One on the outside or vice versa.

I was reading through some notes from Atomic Suicide and he says “the Creator electrically divides His One pressureless, motionless Light into two oppositely pressured lights of motion”. Ok so he is still saying they are oppositely PRESSURED. That is the most important part I think. Then in Divine Illiad he states ““All idea of My thinking is divided into pairs of opposite unbalanced conditions.” So again the unbalanced opposites is still there.

Now here is where I need to iron it out with the cosmic clock and ratios. In AS he says after division they each head away from each other toward anodes to mate with the opposite sexed condition. So based on these words the opposite pressure would be? Maybe that is why he separated male and female from all of the other opposites? They are still both compressing in the initial stages but the pressures are different. The female being the blue more nebulous rings and the male being the more dense red rings, with each having the other inside it and then switching after Carbon.

So that is where it gets confusing. Labeling the actions that are happening from the actual things involved “IN” the actions. So gravitation and radiation are actions of the cycle but should not be labeled as male or female?

Ok so now back to the Cosmic Clock and stepping through the locked potentials:

As we start with 0 and move towards +1 and on to +4… the equilibrium(like a rubber band) is being stretched creating the tensions and strains in opposite directions. This division of the 2 in opposite directions are the male and female polarized pair. They are increasing in potential towards their mates at wave amplitudes in successive steps of 0-1-2-3-4 centripetally and then back down from 4-3-2-1-0 by releasing rings centrifugally. So it is like we are letting the rubber band go back to its original state in stillness/equilibrium in steps.

Here is where the Cosmic Clock helps answer the question above. cosmic-clock

When the male hands(left side backwards L) moves to 1 red, the female hands (right side upside down L) also moves to 1 blue.

This means 1 ring has been released and has moved to the +1 position of each side.  Equaling elements like Lithium or Fluorine.

After reaching amplitude at 4, each set of hands will then move into the centrifugal, radiative, death cycle and start to release the rings that have been accumulated.  This happens until both reach 0 in there inert gas beginnings and end the cycle.  So instead of this being a 1 way cycle from male to amplitude, then female until stillness… it is a dance between the two each going through the same things just with varying pressures and locations.  Male and female exchanging outside or inside depending on wave cycle placement.

I hope this helps others understand as it is helping me see how it all works.