Ok so still working with the ratios of rotation, revolution, time, space, matter, density, volume.  I created a new image to show how we can progress to maybe a new chemical element chart or just a helped to understand how all things interchange.



My next step will be to fit the octaves in there.  Maybe the inert gases don’t get smaller all the way through the chart of elements progression.  What if they got smaller up to carbon and then expanded during radiation cycle just like the elements do.

OR the elements could start at the center of the black cones and head towards apex points to create the Carbon or centering octave and then return.  So we need to match the properties of inert gases, the ratios, and the properties of chemical elements.  For example the chemical elements begin increase in density and decrease in volume after Carbon.

I could have just done the 2 cones interchanging but I think we needed to add another wave in there to answer if there is another sexed charging system.  If this is based on nature and universal law then the element progression should match the octave progression, right?  Fractal nature.  How can carbon or carbon octave be created if there wasn’t another charging vortex to meet the other and create the sphere.  This is following the Atomic Suicide version of vortex and sexed motions… if we look at the earlier work then we would not need a partner for centripetal motions just the male.  Female would be unwinding, radiating step.

Next step is to show this in 3d and spherical.  That should be fun.