Hello my friends…

The more I work with lenses and wave interference the more it blows my mind.  To try and “think” or understand the fractal nature of what is going on everywhere, through everything, and then getting repeated, is just amazing.


I took the image above (created by Walter Russell) to create the image below.  I built the actual spheres which are causing the convex lenses, which in turn, create the focal points or locked potential positions.  You can see the white lines which center the convex lenses and represent cube walls, equators, cathode planes, inertial planes, etc… depending on where you are located in the cycle.


These 2 images are just representations of the bar magnet or “gravity bar” which shows the growing centripetal journey from the expansion points, to the 1st large convex lens and on to the focal points.  The focal points represent the chemical elements and spectrum colors.

One thing I am realizing is this also shows that from the point source or “beginning points” the spherical waves expand and interfere.  When the light from other expanding spheres are focused through the lens to this point, it seems this is where another harmonic spherical wave starts and then interferes again with another.  So this is the next project.  To figure the details of this aspect of the wave and explain the harmonic piece.  To model how they all interact together and create new waves while the original source is still pumping out waves from its point.

You can also see from this image the centripetal compressing vortices from the longest centering line down to the yellow anode center on each side.  I am gathering as I go that this would not be considered the perfect spherical anode that you would see at the wave amplitude or 4-0-4 locking position.  That only happens when you have the 2 perfect mates coming together.  The red male and blue female.  But there will be some yellow at this point as it seeks it mate.

Again this is just the 1st half of the life cycle and does not show the voidance of male/female when they impact each other.  Nor does it show the death and centrifugal end in one plane on the equator created by that same process.

Here are some images to help understand this 1st half of the cycle again.  (my take on it so far)



So there you go.  This is really cool stuff when you start working on it.

I feel like we are getting close to understanding this in 3D.  Stay tuned!  Much love! -Chris


I am adding this image with the harmonic waves created at the focal points missing.  It again seems like the lenses couldn’t be formed in this way without them?  I know there will be plenty of other waves to interact with everywhere and through everything… but I am trying to approach it from step 1 if possible.

without focal point spheres