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The location of maximum compression, heat, and electrical potential.

Sphere created when Male and Female vortices meet located at the wave amplitude.

Hot bodied 3 dimensional mass.

For example: our Sun is an anode.


The beginning and ending point of all motion.

Also called cathode plane, inertial plane, equatorial plane, plane of Still Magnetic Light, wave field boundaries, and cube walls.

It is also the location of inert gases.

Zero plane or place of rest and stillness.

Plane of SML.


God.  Light.  The One Mind.

One Creator of this Universe.

Creation emerges from its Creator but is not the Creator.

Supreme principle of Unity in Oneness of Being.

Sexless Father-Mother Creator.

“The universe manifests its Creator but the universe is not the Creator, nor is the poem the poet, nor the picture the painter.”

We are One with the Creator.  We co-create together.

Electrical potential

The strains created by electricity in the division of the one still light to polarize into sexed male and female pairs.

It is the measure of compression at any one point in the universe.

The expression of energy from the fulcrum but NOT energy itself.

It is either increased or decreased by the vortex motions.  It is an expression of power.

Simulation of Energy


The strains created by electricity in the division of the one still light to polarize into sexed male and female pairs.

It is the measure of compression at any one point in the universe.

The expression of energy from the fulcrum but NOT energy itself.

It is either increased or decreased by the vortex motions.  It is an expression of power.

Simulation of Energy


Energy is changeless.

It is the eternal vacuum of the zero universe or God’s universe.

It is expressed as accumulated potential.

“To confuse the compressive power of electricity to create potential for the purpose of simulating energy, with energy itself, is extremely unfortunate.”-WR

Formula of Locked Potentials

Formula of integrating and disintegrating mass.

Hours of the Cosmic Clock.

The locked pressure positions of the chemical elements.

Ratios of electrical potentials.

Octave wave formula.

Angles of equatorial planes which belong to the chemical elements. Example: 90° Wave amplitude.



Wave fulcrum. Zero point.

Point of beginning.  Stillness.

Center point for motion and levers.  It is the Mind of the creator in which thinking extends to express the energy of Mind.

It is the centering eye of the inert gas of the elements and the cathode center of man’s electric current.

It is the beginning of the wave-shaft which extends two ways to divide the red half of the spectrum from the blue.

Motion draws its energy from the fulcrum but the fulcrum never moves.


Expressed as a point or shaft.

Shaft of Magnetic Stillness which has been extended two ways from zero in the cathode  or fulcrum around which electric current simulates the power of its zero center.

White light of mind.

Compression end of the Universal piston and Centripetal vortex direction.

“Gravity does not pull inwardly from within as the deceptive illusion of Nature would have you believe.”

Inert gases

Seed from which the octave waves grow.

Spiritual elements which are the basis for God’s recording system.  They surround the zero from which motion springs and returns.  They represent minimum motion.

They fill all the space between the stars and insulate states of motion from each other.

Master tones or key notes.  Also called inertial line, located on the cathode plane.

They play the same role as white plays to the spectrum colors, they are a registration of them all.  They have 4 sexless rings which are projected towards sex mates.

9 inert gases

Light Lenses

Wave interference and wave intersections causing motion to compress or expand centripetally or centrifugally.

Also referred to as curved pressures lenses that multiply light radially.

Concave: De-centrative lense, expansion, fans light out, centrifugal vortex

Convex: Concentrative lens, compression, focuses light in, centripetal vortex


Capital L : God.  Illuminating truth.  Static.  God, the Creator is LIGHT—the invisible White Light of the undivided and unchanging Magnetic universe.

Lower case l : All matter and motion are made up of light.  Light is divided and extended from the equilibrium in sexed pairs.  Pressured motion.  Colors of the spectrum that belong to the White Light.  Electricity uses light to express Mind’s Idea by thinking it into being.  Dynamic


Belongs to the zero Universe.

Planes of Still Magnetic Light.

Wave field cube boundaries.

Not the physical force used by today’s scientists, which is purely electric.

“That which man thinks of as a magnetic force is spiritual Light of Mind and not a physical working force of Creation.”

Previous works- opposite female centrifugal expanding condition.  Opposing gravitation.


Universal Mind.

Mind is Light.  Mind is God.  Mind is Still.  Mind KNOWS.

Mind THINKS what it KNOWS in two lights projected from their centering white light.

Mind-knowing is the cause of Mind-thinking and creation.  It is where IDEA lies.

Genius uses inspiration from Mind.

Our true selves.  Eternal Soul.  Self.

Octave Wave

Series of orderly harmonic tones.  Makes up the pressure steps which are the chemical elements.

Wave which includes 4 pairs of electrically divided lights in motion.

Follows the formula of locked potentials or octave wave formula. 0-1-2-3-4-0-4-3-2-1-0

“All of the elements of matter are spread out progressively, in varying states of simultaneously decelerative and accelerative motion-in-opposition, on the octave waves, like successive tones of music.”

Still Magnetic Light

God.  Centering light of all things.

Balances and measures all things in the physical world.

It is the ONE.  It is CAUSE.

Cathode planes, Inertial planes, Equatorial planes, Gravity points/shafts, and Magnetism are all made of SML.  Nucleus of the Atom.  Static.

“The still magnetic Light universe of God’s knowing is an invisible, unchanging, unconditioned and unmeasurable quality from which visible, changing, conditioned and measurable quantities spring to simulate those qualities through two-way wave motion.”

Vortex motion

Centripetal : the direction of compression.  Hot, winding, inward, multiplying, concentrative, gravity, charging, life, towards opposite mate at electric anodes.

Centrifugal : the direction of expansion Cold, unwinding, outward, dividing, decentrative, radiativity, discharging, death, towards cathode beginnings.

**Male and Female are centripetal in Atomic Suicide but opposite in all works before.

Omnipotence / Omnipresence / Omniscience

“A spiritually illumined science, which has grown to its present level through gaining knowledge from what it can see, feel and measure, will set its standards to KNOWING God’s invisible universe which it can neither see, feel nor measure. It will have then discovered the omniscience of Mind, the omnipotence of Mind-thinking and the omnipresence of Mind-product in action-re action.”

Omniscience: the capacity to know all there is to know

Omnipotence: unlimited power

Omnipresence: present everywhere simultaneously