Hey everyone!!

While putting more info together for my book, I came across something I hadn’t really paid alot of attention to.  But seems pretty important in the grand scheme of explaining it all.

The monopole!!  

Let’s start with a standard definition:

“A magnetic monopole is a hypothetical elementary particle in particle physics that is an isolated magnet with only one magnetic pole (a north pole without a south pole or vice versa).

Magnetism in bar magnets and electromagnets does not arise from magnetic monopoles, and in fact there is no conclusive experimental evidence that magnetic monopoles exist at all in the universe.”

What I have come to learn in today’s Scientific climate, is that everyone gets hung up on one single definition for one word.  This gets us into trouble with boundaries and limited thinking.

Our current science also gets hung up on the explosion, transverse, expanding death half of the cycle… while ignoring the more important life, implosion, compressing, longitudinal half.

Because of this we don’t include longitudinal scalar spherical pressure waves into what we learn, which sure is a pity.

To go more in detail of the WAVE, checkout my previous article for help.

So back to the monopole.  The monopole is also referenced in sound as a type of source.  Sound is a pressure wave and pressure waves are longitudinal.  So now we can link some of this together.

Sound waves are left out of the electromagnetic spectrum of waves.  Again, see link to previous article, to learn more about how the waves differ and how the cycles work.
The electromagnetic spectrum of waves are below:


As I have mentioned in previous articles, this is an Optical/Electric Universe, so we need to think beyond this limited transverse, sinusoidal wave based way of thinking.  That is again, leaving out the most important pieces and the “cause”.

Focusing on “Effect” has gotten us in this pickle to begin with.  🙂

Back to sound…

Definition of a monopole for sound source radiation:
Image is from here.


“A monopole is a source which radiates sound equally well in all directions. The simplest example of a monopole source would be a sphere.”

As we see in the image and text above, the monopole is a point source emitting a spherical wave…equally in all directions.

With this, it helps to show us the build up and steps of stillness to motion, or idea to manifestation, or energy to matter.

If you are not yet aware, my biggest inspiration is a man named Walter Russell.  He has laid the foundation for alot of my research and re-discoveries.  I say discoveries because that is what we do.  We discover what is already there and eternally available.  We do not invent, so to speak.

Walter has stated many times that all waves are spherical and they all have a point fulcrum.  The point from which these waves spring.  This is the origin of matter and motion.

photo 2

As you can see from this particular photo, Walter says:

“Every wave is a sphere”  /  “Spheres have but one centering focus”  / “Two waves expanding from two points spheres have but one centering focus” / “Wave intersections create lenses, lenses have two extended foci”

Here is another quote from “Atomic Suicide”

“God begins each electric thought-wave at a point of His White Light at the intersection of the three inner planes of the cube, which are at right angles to each other. This point of beginning is the wave fulcrum. It is also the point of idea-conception in Mind. It is the centering eye of the inert gas of the elements which springs from that plane.”

The more I dig into this the more I agree that all waves are spherical and that a monopole has to exist.  For all waves to be spheres and all spheres to have a point source…this shows me that all waves are monopoles in the beginning of the lower octaves.

This is where the importance of wave interference comes into play.  Once these spherical waves interfere, then you start to see the lenses and vortex motions.  These motions then compress these long slow nebulous invisible space waves, into short fast visible matter.  See this previous article for more info on lenses and wave interference.



In our sensed motion based reality we are seeing the countless interactions and motions of all of these billions of cycles from every second to one every millions of years.  But they are all happening all around us.  So it is tough to see or measure these space waves, in turn science ignores them or calls them dark matter and other crazy terms.

Back to the lower octaves and space gases for a moment.  Russell speaks to these as elements below Hydrogen and also the Inert Gases (noble gases today).


Could these monopoles be the Inert Gases that he speaks of?  I have a feeling they are or are definitely related.
Could this be why the Inert gases are inert to begin with?  Instead of this silly electron, billiard ball, model?
That they have to interfere to then create the other building blocks of matter and life?
I feel drawn to neutrinos(the wave aspect) and feel they will also be connected as we dig deeper and lower into the space octaves.

So there it is for now.  A quick look into monopoles and why I think they are important and will come to be more important as we go.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!!

Much Love! -Chris