I had been pondering vibration throughout the Universe (yes I am a geek, I mean who ponders anymore?) and came across a statement from an acquaintance and he talked about “lowering your vibration”.  That got me thinking about the New Age philosophy of ascension and “raising your vibration”.  I then came upon multiple quotes from Dr Russell and a few others on the subject and it does make sense.

The fact that metaphysicians and gurus throughout history have talked about meditation and communing with God, and they always mention things like “still your mind” “clear your mind” etc…    So in that process we are slowing down our waves and vibrations.  We are trying to achieve stillness.   Not raising our vibration and frequency.

Walter Russell says God is Stillness.  To commune and reach this state we need to lower our vibration per say, to decentrate and stop thinking.  If we think of matter and vibration, the higher vibration or frequency the more dense the object.  The more you get into gases, space, Spirit, the longer the wave and shorter the frequency.  So…  it seems that lowering it in a sense is the thing to do.  I think people would be afraid of the terminology though because everyone wants to ASCEND and move upward etc…


Here is a Q+A from Walter Russell which I found in the Divine Illiad:

Q: If all light-waves are matter what about the vibrations of the spirit? We are taught that the higher our vibrations are, the nearer to the spirit we are.

A: That is not true. The spiritual universe of God’s Light of Mind is absolutely vibrationless. Its stillness is absolute.


Q: We are taught in metaphysics, that in the God-Mind is all activity of very high vibrations of the spirit which gradually slow down as matter becomes more dense-until in solid matter, like granite, they are very slow.

A: Metaphysicians talk about “getting into the stillness-or silence.”  The Bible says: “Be still and know.”  It is illogical to talk of getting into high vibrations to seek stillness since vibrations mean motion and high vibrations mean intense motion.  I do not know who told metaphysicians what they are teaching, but that teaching is not true of God’s law.  It is certain that such teachings could not have come from science, for science recognizes the fact that vibration frequencies multiply in the direction of density.  That fact is the step-up-transformer principle of Nature. The God-Mind of the One Light could not be active.  It is absolutely still, absolutely vibrationless.  Matter alone vibrates.  The more dense the matter, the greater the vibration.


So interesting stuff and it does make sense when you mix the Science with Spirit.

I have a system called RFI where I can use it to measure EM feedback around different things.  I have been working with it, testing Auras, chakras, and other things.  I asked the company who makes it and they responded below:

“If you go to certain places on earth, the frequency measurement will be a flatline (zero).  Essentially, there is a decoupling effect – the magnetic and electric separate, and there are no electromagnetic fields to measure.  This phenomenon seems to occur also with certain meditations and therapies – the frequencies in a room full of “Qi Masters” will be zero after their meditation.  Folks such as Greg Bradden (if I remember his name correctly) feel that it is the magnetic fields that produce density, and the removal of magnetic fields produces ascension, healing, etc.  On the other hand, I’ve witnessed other “sacred” rituals and meditations that seem to have the exact opposite effect – frequencies increase significantly.

Ultimately though I do believe that the closer to zero you head, the closer to “one-ness” you become, though I cannot explain the phenomena about the increasing frequencies at this time.”


Here is another great response from a friend:

“On the one hand, raising your vibration in terms of sensitivity, awareness, and knowledge metaphorically can mean positive things to a degree.  I think the terminology of the matter is a bit confusing in many new age circles which speak of raising one’s vibrations.  In all reality, true inner knowing of omniscience within man is not achieved by motion whatsoever.  Within the fulcrum lies the power in knowing which man expresses in motion.  Knowledge cannot be attained while in motion and idea cannot be conceived while in motion to near the degree that it can in stillness and silence.  So there is definitely a contradiction in many new age circles considering the acquisition and attainment of knowledge and power.”


So there are my thoughts along with a few others…  But I do think that Spirit would encompass lighter, less dense, closer to God type characteristics.  Which is a pretty big departure from the metaphysical community.   🙂


Edit to add quote from Universal One:

“From the high octaves of that which he terms “spirit” to the low octaves of matter and back again to spirit.”

Interesting that he used the term “Spirit” and “high octaves”.