Hello everyone… I’m trying to work through the actual locked potential angles of the octave wave.  I was wondering because I have tried measuring different images and paintings and they are not exact.

I have tried getting my head around the different pressures and trying to relate that to the angle measurements. I have seen it mentioned that Fluorine would be about 44degrees(in experiment reproduction) but then I also read from Dr Binder’s book that the angles should be 42,72,86,90 for Carbon octave. For some reason that doesn’t fit for me. I feel like they would fit in better at around


I am basing this on moving from each pressure position with multiples of 8. I was looking for ratios on Dale Pond’s wiki site and saw below.

“The seven tones of the universal constant are consecutively removed, one from the other, the square of the distance to the next highest potential. The energy of each of the four units is exactly equal to that of each of the others.”

“1 +, for example, is removed from 2 + by the square of the distance to 3+, which is the next highest potential.”

These are quotes from Walter in the “Universal One”.  But I can’t get the math to work by using 8,4,2,1. I tried to check my angles with the golden ratio using .618 instead of 1.618 because of the compression side of the spiral. It came pretty close with angles of 42,67,83,92 compared to 42,66,82,90.

So if I am wanting to setup the transmutation experiment myself.  I feel like I need to start with those angles for the E-W coils.  So I hope to start setting things up soon to try it myself.  Suggestions and ideas are always welcome!