Some thoughts on mixing Walter Russell’s cosmology and Rodin’s Vortex Math.  I watched this video by Jamie Buturff and decided to make one of the paper devices.

So after making one, I felt like I should try and match it to Walter Russell’s cubed wave field.  So I opened up the device and put them together to form a cube.  I needed 6 and they all fit together nicely.  It is interesting to see the #s line up with 9 on ever spot that Walter mentions where a sphere should be. All the 3s and 6s(on the underside of the flaps of fortune teller) come together in the middle of the cube to all touch and create another 9 or another sphere. (48 9s to be exact = 432 🙂 )

So then I took Rodin’s family # groups and fingerprint of god and matched them to Walter Russell’s 0-1-2-3-4 0 4-3-2-1-0 of creation. So where the 9 shows up for Rodin we would get the doubly charged sphere. Maybe the 0s on each end are the 3s and 6s because they alternate. Alternating + – per Rodin but could be generation/radiation for WR. Thoughts?

So the 124 – 875 would be the wound up parts of the locked potentials. With the 9 or 4-0-4 (same thing?) In the middle.

Fingerprint of God

 Just throwing out ideas to see what fits.  So I wanted to be able to follow the doubling circuit (octave geometry) with the Rodin node points on top of the cube.  After switching around the 1,8,4,5 I was able to get something.  I could then follow the 124 emanation 875.  It created spiral arms around the cube just like the Walter Russell 4 rivers of light.

Then I marked where 3 and 6 could be and long that line it seems to alternate just like in VM.  So I have no idea what it means…. But it is food for thought.

I also took the sequence and added it to Walter’s wave and formula of locked potentials.

So I wanted to submit this to see if there are any correlations. Thanks!!

Fun stuff!!!



Wanted to add newest image relating to mixing Vortex Math and Russell’s work.