“The Optical Universe” is a thought provoking video exploring different ways to approach our current understanding of Science and Spirituality. It aims to overcome society’s restricted way of thinking, giving humanity a different perspective of the Universe. Using Universal Laws, principles, sacred geometry, cymatics, waves, and other dynamic ideas, “The Optical Universe” provides simple concepts on how to approach everyday life without fear or ego. This video explains the invisible world that is moving and pulsing all around us, connecting us all as one, and why it is important to be in harmony with Universal Love. With the goal of spreading the message of Love, hope, and unity, shining a light in the shadow of our separateness.

Inspired by the concepts of Walter and Lao Russell, Nikola Tesla, and more…

Based on the book by Chris Plouffe http://www.chrisplouffe.com
Edited by Robert Wooten http://www.robertwootenproductions.com
3d imagery/animations by David Negrao http://www.davidnegrao.com
Quotes by Walter and Lao Russell from The University of Science and Philosophy http://www.philosophy.org
Music: East Forest – “Doing Deeper” from the album Crystal Starship http://www.eastforest.org
Nested radiating toroidal wavefronts by Goa at http://www.liquidbuddha.studios
Cymatics clip by Jeremy Pfeiffer http://www.jeremypfeifferproductions.com