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Hi!  This is the personal page of me, Chris Plouffe.  The site will be used to bring together all of my passions, hobbies, and business interests. 

I am a husband, father, entrepreneur, author, and explorer of everything.  I’ve jumped out of planes in the Army, and changed tires in a NASCAR race.  I’ve acted in indie films and wrote a book.  I run an IT business and started a membership.  I try to live life by just “doing it”.  Try anything, right?


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Universe of MIND

a thought provoking book exploring new ways to approach our current understanding of Science and Spirituality. Combining physics and philosophy, it aims to overcome society’s restricted way of thinking, giving humanity a different perspective of the Universe. This is a beginner’s guide to understanding physical reality and the effect of our thoughts, which control experience, perception, and reaction. Using scientific concepts, this book explains the invisible world that is moving and pulsing all around us, connecting us all as one, and why it is important to be in harmony with Universal Love.

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Cosmic Clock, locked potentials, male/female

Cosmic Clock, locked potentials, male/female

I am back to studying the cosmic clock and how it can help explain how the locked potential steps happen and the life cycle of the chemical elements. I am also working on identifying what male and female sexed/polarized pairs are(in definition). So let's start with...

Summing up how the Universe works in a few paragraphs?

Summing up how the Universe works in a few paragraphs?

Idea is eternal in the Stillness of Mind. We manifest that idea into this motion based world through thinking. Thinking is electric. It divides the stillness of equilibrium into two sexed pairs of red father and blue mother which seek their equal mate for creating,...

Cosmic clock / Universal Ratios -vortex layout

Cosmic clock / Universal Ratios -vortex layout

Ok so still working with the ratios of rotation, revolution, time, space, matter, density, volume.  I created a new image to show how we can progress to maybe a new chemical element chart or just a helped to understand how all things interchange.   My next step...

Revolution vs Rotation – more ratios

Revolution vs Rotation – more ratios

More thoughts on ratios and cosmic clock. rotation vs revolution rotational inertia revolution-moving in a type of orbit but in a cone or vortex motion and direction towards anode rotation-spinning on its axis farther away or closer to inertial/cathode plane has a...

Cosmic Clock -Inert Gases

Cosmic Clock -Inert Gases

So I have been really trying to understand the details of the chemical elements, locked potentials, and ratios of everything.  I was talking with a new friend who is also a Russell fan and with our dialogue back and forth, a few light bulbs went off. I looked back at...

Russell Cosmology in New Tech part2

Continuing the theme of Russellian Cosmology in today's New Tech, here is part 2.  I will cover 2 devices/types of technology.  The E-Cat and BlackLight Power Inc. We will start with the BlackLight Power device. From company: "BlackLight Power, Inc. is the inventor of...

Russell Cosmology in New Tech part1

Hello world…  I am going to post some of my thoughts about seeing Russellian cosmology in new “Free Energy” or “Over Unity” devices.  I chose 3 talked about technologies and will add my take on them.  The Papp/Noble Gas Engine process, the E-Cat, and Blacklight Tech...

Locked Potential Positions/Angles

Locked Potential Positions/Angles

Hello everyone... I'm trying to work through the actual locked potential angles of the octave wave.  I was wondering because I have tried measuring different images and paintings and they are not exact. I have tried getting my head around the different pressures and...

Some thoughts on Scientific explanations

So a thought I had today about Quantum effects that I've read recently. I am trying to relate my understanding and what feels right to current Quantum and modern Science definitions. It just doesn't add up for me. So I enjoy when others can explain some of them. Part...

Is the phrase “raising your vibration” backwards?

I had been pondering vibration throughout the Universe (yes I am a geek, I mean who ponders anymore?) and came across a statement from an acquaintance and he talked about "lowering your vibration".  That got me thinking about the New Age philosophy of ascension and...

If you feel FROGGY...then hop on into this gallery

Gallery of diagrams I’ve created while researching and mapping out how I think the Universe works.