More thoughts on ratios and cosmic clock.

rotation vs revolution
rotational inertia

revolution-moving in a type of orbit but in a cone or vortex motion and direction towards anode
rotation-spinning on its axis

farther away or closer to inertial/cathode plane has a revolution less than it’s rotation.  It is breaking apart by spinning fast.  Planets closer to the sun or anode…  would be revolving faster with slower rotation.  In cosmic ratios I would assume.

Farther away from anode or base of the cone shows a larger ratio of rotation to revolution.  +1 to +3

0  to +4    Ring is released and has 0 revolution and maximum rotation?
+1 to +3
+2 to +2
+3 to +1

+4 to 0        Max revolution to 0 rotation

+3 to +1
+2 to +2
+1 to +3
0  to +4     Ring is back to having max rotation and 0 revolution

“Fast revolution is nature’s method of generating energy into accumulation in mass, and slow rotation is her method of storing that accumulation.”    Or +4 to 0

“Fast rotation is nature’s method of dissipating stored accumulations of energy in mass.  When fast revolving mass becomes fast rotating mass the ratios of its separate parts reverse their dimension attributes.  Rotation gives its speed to revolution and takes power from revolution in equal exchange.  Rotation is an effect which is born of revolution.”