Hello world…  I am going to post some of my thoughts about seeing Russellian cosmology in new “Free Energy” or “Over Unity” devices.  I chose 3 talked about technologies and will add my take on them.  The Papp/Noble Gas Engine process, the E-Cat, and Blacklight Tech device.

You can read about all of this technology and more from PESWiki and learn about Walter and Lao Russell from this site.  Also check out Matt and Robert over at The Secret of Light for more great Walter and Lao info.

I will post each separately as it may take up some room.  🙂  Enjoy and as always let me know what you think!

Ok…I will start with the Joe Papp/Noble Gas engine.

Here is a quote from the PESWiki on what the device is and process.

“It is an internal combustion (IC) engine that has no intake and no exhaust ports, or even a radiator. The engine’s primary input fuel is electrical power to run the ignition electronics, which pulse a mixture of noble gases to help form charged plasma. The motor has a hermetically sealed cylinder & piston assembly containing a noble gas mixture of helium, neon, argon, krypton, and xenon. These gases get preconditioned and then subjected to precise controlled electronic, magnetic and mechanical manipulation and radiation effects to create a powerful expansion and contraction effect. Multiple electrodes of complex design produce what is believed to be very hot electric discharge plasma in the noble gas mixture that reaches unusual conditions liberating energy from some yet unknown source that is about 100 times greater than the energy put into the electrodes.”

1st thing I notice is the statement “from some yet unknown source”.  Well let’s take a look at inert gasses and the idea of Russell’s periodic chart of elements.


If you take a look at that link you will see how the inert gases are the seeds of every element in its Octave moving up and down the chart.  Here is a quote from Walter and Lao in “Atomic Suicide”…

“The universe might very appropriately be likened to a harp of nine strings, with nine tones in each string. In our diagram the strings are all indicated as of the same length for simplicity. In Nature the lower string is the longest. They grow gradually shorter up to the 9th. Likewise, the tonal positions and frequencies change in each string. In every case each note on each string is one octave higher than its next lower string. You will note that each string begins with a zero and ends with a zero. These are the key notes of each octave. They are the cathodes of every electric anode. They are called inert gases, such as helium, neon, argon, krypton, etc. They are the seed of all matter and the supreme mystery of matter.”

If you follow the Russell periodic table you will find that the high voltage/current/fields, etc… will move you up and down the table. Going from different elements or to different inert gases all based on pressures and conditions. The octave wave.

So with this device the work is being done with the Inert gases and that there is transmutation going on.  Here is a video that shows an interesting example of the colors during the Inert gas change. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwQIioZig2Q

Transmutation is the key.  That is what Science is missing, that is the unknown source.  Instead of knocking an electron out here and there and making a different element.  It is moving into a different position or condition.

The different inert gas mixtures are mentioned as being a very important part of this tech.  My guess is that if you measure what was left over from your inert gas mixture it would probably be more Helium than others because of it being the balancing gas in the carbon octave. Either way, I think there are changes happening and it CAN be explained.

So again when you apply the high voltage and magnetic field of an element you are changing the pressure condition or location on the octave wave of the inert gas. I think if we study his periodic chart of elements we can find that we may not need a mixture of gases but just the “best” gas from which the most combustible element can “transmute” from.

Here is a video I watched recently(while writing this) with a man named Mark Hugo.  He is talking about the Papp engine… check out what he says at 23:51.   “and the final end product appears to be helium”

:O  there it is….   HELIUM is the byproduct of this process of using plasma(which is just another form of flame) to change/electrocute the inert gas mixture all the way down to Helium.  Check out the quotes below from Walter and Lao’s book Atomic Suicide.

“If, for another example, you wind a tungsten wire with silk, then pass a hundred thousand volt current through it in a vacuum tube, you will see a brilliant white flash of intensely white hot light which lasts for only about one millionth of a second. That light is so hot that it instantly explodes the tungsten. Nothing but helium gas remains in the tube. Also those radioactively multiplied voltage frequencies are so quick that the silk thread has not been even singed.”


“If we now substitute a body of tungsten for the body of John Smith, and electrocute the tungsten, it also would be short circuited, or “killed,” if you prefer to use that word. As we described in previous pages, a tungsten wire thus electrocuted in a vacuum tube leaves a residue of the inert gas helium. That helium is the Soul-seed of the tungsten body. It is the Soul-record of that body which is its identity in a unitary universe. It is the zero of tungsten’s multiplicity. That cannot be killed, nor can it be prevented from reincarnating its image within it. This is a universe of eternal repetition of pulsing thoughts which are ever being repeated. In the Cosmic sense reincarnation and repetition mean the same thing, for Nature is eternal, it is endless and beginningless. The idea of death—or of identity—or of being killed—is a conclusion of the senses of bodies. Such a thought is impossible for the knowing Mind of the Cosmic mystic.

It is necessary to know why tungsten becomes helium. There are nine inert Soul-recording gases, why helium? The inert gas for the tungsten octave is xenon. Why should tungsten not refold into xenon? The answer is that it does refold into xenon, but all of the inert gases are within each other and helium is the balancing inert gas of the nine. Xenon expands into krypton. Krypton expands into argon, then into neon until it finds balance in carbon. This opens new worlds for further explanation for which we have not pages enough here. We can exemplify, however, by having you open the damper pedal of your piano and strike any one note hard. If you do this you will also hear every other octave note, above and below it, sounding in their own frequencies. One of these notes will dominate over all of the others, however, and that is the mid-tone of all the octaves. That mid-tone is the crest of the universal wave. All effects of Nature reach a wave-crest. They must, or perish, as the 9th octave perishes through inability to create a wave-crest by the uniting of balanced pairs.”


As you can see, here it is a great example of the new processes that will emerge more and more.  We need to change our base way of thinking and all of this will be available.  The people thinking outside the box will bring this world some amazing things.

I welcome everyone to check out more of Walter and Lao’s work to learn about their take on the atom, elements, and the Electric Universe.  Learning the true way of Nature will allow us to produce more and more of these devices as well as stopping the production and use of Nuclear tech which is harmful to the world and environment.