Continuing the theme of Russellian Cosmology in today’s New Tech, here is part 2.  I will cover 2 devices/types of technology.  The E-Cat and BlackLight Power Inc.

We will start with the BlackLight Power device.

From company: “BlackLight Power, Inc. is the inventor of a paradigm-shifting new primary energy source and a new field of hydrogen chemistry with broad commercial applications. BlackLight has invented a new primary energy source with applications to Heating, Central Power, Motive Power, and Micro-Distributed power generation. This relies on a new chemical process of releasing the latent energy of the hydrogen atom, the BlackLight Process. In this process, the electron in an ordinary hydrogen atom is induced to move closer to the proton, below the prior-known ground state. Hydrogen gas derived from water serves as the fuel.”

They also mention this on their website as the base of their technology:

“BlackLight has developed a commercially competitive, nonpolluting source of energy that forms a predicted, previously undiscovered, more stable form of hydrogen called “Hydrino” that releases two hundred times more energy than burning hydrogen enabling ubiquitous H2O vapor to serve as the source of H2 fuel.”

So they are stating that they found this “new” form of Hydrogen called a “Hydrino”.  When reading about the hydrinos I do see mention of tritium and deuterium. I think what Blacklight is doing is what Walter Russell mentioned. If you look at WR’s chart of elements you see the above elements(tritium/deut) listed within the hydrogen part of the octave wave. So my guess is they are measuring carbogen(1st element listed within hydrogen octave) and they are transmuting between these different states of hydrogen and measuring the result.  Even if they are not measuring specifically carbogen it could be any of the other Hydrogen octave elements still proving the Russell theory that there are things before Hydrogen.  AND that they are not isotopes but rather complete elements.

I had a hunch on what reaction they were getting and then when I saw the mention of the tritium and deuterium it confirms to me what I see in the Russell periodic table.


The next technology has lots of buzz and I see it mentioned everywhere in the “free energy” community.  The E-Cat.

The E-Cat is a LENR(Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) device or “Cold Fusion”.  Here is definition from PESWiki.

The Energy Catalyzer works by placing nano to micro sized particles of nickel powder in a reactor along with pressurized hydrogen gas and special undisclosed (for proprietary reasons) catalysts. When the contents of the reactor is heated (using a series of resistors in the reactor) to approximately 400 to 500 degrees Celsius, nuclear reactions start taking place. The strength of the reaction can be changed by varying the pressure of the hydrogen in the reactor. The output energy can be up to 400 times the input energy.

No precious metals or radioactive substances is placed in the reactor. After the reactor is turned off the reactor can be opened and no radiation can be detected. The process transmutes nickel into copper and trace amounts of other elements such as zinc.

So he is claiming transmutation from Nickel into Copper along with some others like Zinc.  So it is taking Nickel/Hydrogen mix and producing excess heat, correct?

Here is a quote from wiki of someone who doesn’t think it works and the reasons why: “He cites the unlikelihood of a chemical reaction being strong enough to overcome the Coulomb barrier, the lack of gamma rays, the lack of explanation for the origin of the extra energy, the lack of the expected radioactivity after fusing a proton with 58Ni, the unexplained occurrence of 11% iron in the spent fuel, the 10% copper in the spent fuel strangely having the same isotopic ratios as natural copper, and the lack of any unstable copper isotope in the spent fuel as if the reactor only produced stable isotopes. Kjell Aleklett, physics professor at Uppsala University, said the percentage of copper was too high for any known reaction of nickel, and the copper had the same isotopic ratio as natural copper.”

My take: The reason why there is iron and copper in the spent fuel is because they are changing the pressure condition(transmuting) of nickel to that of other isotopes of cobalt. If you look at the periodic chart again you can see that. Heating lifts lower potentials to higher potentials. If you see hydrogen in the chart at its wave amplitude, just follow the octaves up to Cobalt and there are the isotopes on each side with different pressures. I’m guessing you could use cobalt, iron, nickel, copper, etc… to get a similar result.

Another interesting comment I saw on the Wiki was “Doing a lot of digging into Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics blog shows that scientists are posting and linking speculation that “hydrinos” (of Blacklight Power fame) or shrunken hydrogen atoms may be involved in this cold fusion process and their formation may be the source of most of the energy released.”

Funny how it comes back around to mention the other tech, I just hope the stop just focusing on the “effect” and start thinking about the “cause”.


There are going to be many names for technologies and processes continue to come out in the future.  I think we will see this just confirming what we “know” with each new development.  I just hope people continue to stay open minded to the “cause” and all we can do is continue our work, our research, and our teaching.  I am so excited to see more and more people not afraid to say the standard models of today’s Science need to be changed.   Stay tuned for more.  And as always let me know what you think.

Much love…