Idea is eternal in the Stillness of Mind. We manifest that idea into this motion based world through thinking. Thinking is electric. It divides the stillness of equilibrium into two sexed pairs of red father and blue mother which seek their equal mate for creating, and then return to the stillness through cyclic interchange.

Our thinking manifests creation in the size and strength of our desire. All motion in this Universe is curved and all direction is spiral. These vortex motions of centripetal and centrifugal build and compress bodies and then destroy and expand bodies.

The vortex motions are caused by the wave interactions and interferences from all directions, everywhere, creating convex or concave lenses, which direct this cosmic cinema of light. The light is projected on the screens of space through the inert gases, or sometimes called the Akasha, which record all that happens and has happened. These are the spiritual elements which bridge the two worlds.

Our true-selves belong to the stillness of God’s Universe that which we can only know, not sense. Our senses belong to the vibrating, interchanging motion based Universe that which we cannot know. Our MIND is still, our bodies are motion. We are not our bodies. Our bodies are just representations of our thoughts. Our thoughts help us co-create what we see all around us.

We are Light. God is Light. We are all one and connected. We are eternal.