Here is some info on time that I was thinking about.  My thoughts in red.

When we think of matter, we should think of the thought waves that created it. Likewise, we must think of time as accumulation of thought waves.  (thought waves are the motion that simulates matter)

Thought-waves accumulate into cycles upon countless cycles in the forming of bodies. As thought-waves add density and other mass dimensions to the bodies they create, they also add time by lengthening the time intervals to repeat that body. (By repeating he is talking about the life death cycle of anything, call it reincarnation.)

Thought-waves “store up” time as they store up mass.  Bodies of matter are “wound up” thought-waves. The time consumed to polarize a thought-wave cycle is so incredibly fast that its reproductive frequencies reach out through the universe at the rate of about 2,000 miles in one-hundredth of a second. When they wind up into masses of waves to create bodies, they slow down their respective frequencies and thus lengthen their cycle of growth and decay in proportion to the mass of thought-waves which have been wound up into a formed body. (so time is relative to mass/ time to an atom vs time to a galaxy, all have the same cycles just on different scales)

Thought-waves which create a body of sound must unwind their accumulations. That also takes time. The sound of a pistol shot is a body of accumulated thought-waves. These must unwind and rewind before they can reproduce a sound body. For this reason the sound can reproduce itself only 1100feet away from its source in one second, while the thought-wave of its source can circle the earth seven times in one second.

The growth-decay-life-death cycle of a tree well exemplifies this principle. Fifty years of time may be consumed during one period of accumulating thought-wave patterns by unfolding from its seed, and voiding them by refolding the record of those patterns back into their seed.

Life-death cycles of insect bodies vary from minutes to months. Animal life-death cycles reach into the centuries, while thought-wave accumulations of solar and nebular systems reach into the hundreds of billions of years for one vibration frequency which is one life-death cycles.

Periods of gestation likewise lengthen in duration in proportion to the accumulation of the recordings of thought-wave patterns upon other thought-wave patterns which produce complex bodies.

All other cycles within cycles likewise vary in similar proportions, cycles such as respiration, pulse, sleep, digestion and other frequencies of repetition.

The fact of importance to know in relation to vibration frequencies is that no matter how complex the formed body may be, and no matter how great its duration of time, the process of growth of every cycle is the same without the slightest variation. Every growing thing must pass through nine stages in this three-dimensional universe of time motion from zero of its beginning to its zero ending.

Every cycle is a complete octave wave– and every octave wave is a series of eight tones, the amplitude tone being two, united as one, and an inert gas — the total being 9.

His take on the universe is that our reality is a “sensed” reality created by thought.  That thought is pushed out by the desire of a creator (us, God, both) and starts that motion.  We are all motion/vibration, and appear 3d as a motion picture appears 3d after shining light through it.  It is actually 2d on the film reel.  Fun stuff.