Hello Friends,

I was having a discussion with my wife about parallel lives vs past lives[fun right! :)].  This made me revisit my thoughts on time. Most of the people I’ve talked to in the New Age community would say Spirit experiences no time or distance. So I would like to share my thoughts and expand on that.

First, Spirit is a term that normally groups many things within it. From Spirit Guides to Source to others. I would like to differentiate God/Source from everything else. Hence the name Source. 🙂

I want to add that by separate I mean in explanation.  Duality is an illusion that we experience based on this physical time and motion based Universe.  But our true divine selves are in source.  

So if we all come from Source/Creator then I think we all can be grouped “separately” from it. I’d like to now assign stillness and motion to the two. With stillness belonging to source and motion to everything else. You have the stillness of equilibrium(balance) and the motion of polarization(division of source). The stillness vs the motion based Universe that we reside in. But motion always has to spring from the stillness and then return from its source to complete its life cycle.  Just like birth to death and back again for humans.


I believe that this motion based Universe is constructed in octaves. These octaves are steps in the overall life cycle of everything. I have a feeling that what some call “dimensions” may be similar.

9 Stringed

So coming back to Spirit guides and the like… I think this type of energy would exist in lower octaves outside our human perception but still be part of the motion based Universe. They would be held to a slightly different set of rules based on their interaction with other octaves and densities but they still are motion. So saying they experience NO time or space or distance feels incorrect. Right?

My simple answer is that what we experience around us as humans in this physical world is governed by time.  This matrix or illusion that we explore with our external senses etc…  But Our true divine selves exist in the stillness and do not.  In between are the octaves that include the rest.

Let’s talk about time. Time is basically an incremental measurement of motion. It has to have measurable points in series. It has a past present and future. BUT, this is also relative to the observer. A life cycle for a sun vs the life cycle of an atom is a HUGE difference. But they are both motion. Maximum motion vs minimum motion is still motion.


A quick note for these life cycles. There is a recording system built into nature that allows for all events to be recorded as they move through their cycles. These are called Inert Gases. Some call them Akashic records or other names.

So back to “past lives” and “parallel lives”. Maybe these are the same depending on where you are observing it from?  I think that as we exist in this external motion based Universe, all of our experiences will be in this linear time based system. But as we connect to the internal stillness we are able to exist as close to non-motion as possible. All of the octaves are part of motion so a parallel, past, or future life that someone experiences could just be a connection to the Inert Gas records of you at differing levels. What we call future could be very different from what another experiences as future. But to say they experience NO time, I would have to disagree with. “Parallel” would also be relative to the person experiencing it and another observing it and from where they observe it.

I think these octaves could help explain the differing densities/levels of consciousness and different types of entities as we get closer to source. Just like they explain the chemical elements. (See article here about how I think the elements relate to a Astrology). But only source is absent of motion.


Thoughts or additions are always welcome!!

Thanks to all for interacting with me on this journey and much love!!