Welcome to my site for all things Walter Russell.  I have just finished adding a bunch of new images to help in breaking down his Cosmology.  The next step will be to add the actual PDFs of his work and books.

So far,  I have read a few of Walter’s books including “The Secret of Light”, “A New Concept of The Universe”, and “Atomic Suicide”.  I do go back and touch on “Universal One” and am currently reading Walter and Lao’s Home Study Course.

I have never been so wowed by his desciptions of nature and the univers nor have I found a descption of science that I felt one with.  THIS IS IT.  I feel like every chapter I read opens my eyes and gives me an AHA moment.  Then I reread a previous line or diagram and understand it even more.  Like seeing the different layers as you go.  So…  Please feel free to contribute and contact me.  I want to help in sharing this info around the world.  I haven’t opened this site up for public comment or posts but could in the future.  Just let me know.  Thanks and happy reading!